The Gnome Instant Messenger

  We feel that now a day there is no satisfactory solution that solves in an easy and intuitive way our instant messaging needs in Gnome environment and our aim is to help fixing that.

  Our goal is to reach the devinitive and oficial instant messaging application for Gnome Project.

  We plan to use ANSI C, and only Gnome and Gstreaming libraries. We'll provide a complete API to handle network protocols for MSN, AOL, Yahoo, ... and encapsulate all them in a framework to allow any third party application to use instant messaging, chat, voice chat, video chat and sending files and e-mail without the need of rewritting any code.

  So we will write libhermes, a complete framework with modules and plugins support that will implement all kind of protocols and needed capabilities.

Project admins:

ZjoyKiLer "Sarah Sholu" <>
_ScratcH_ "J.Daniel Torres" <>
Ca|n "Raúl Jover" <>